'The Lewes Favourites'

Sadly, Andy Warburton who started the Lewes Favourites sessions around 1997, died on the 22nd October 2012. He is sorely missed, but his enthusiasm lives on in the two tune books he produced.

If you would like to play English dance music, here is an opportunity to meet other players to learn and swap tunes regardless of what instrument you play, to what standard, and whether or not you read music. This will be a chance to nail down some of those tunes that you recognise when you hear them but can't quite remember, to put the names to familiar tunes, and to play them over slowly until you are sure of them. Printed music and computer software are available for 285 of the Lewes area's favourite tunes.
The tunes are now available as two books, price £10 for Volume 1 (180 tunes) and £12 for Volume 2 (105 tunes)illustrated with dance notations from Sussex manuscripts, anecdotes, photographs of the habitats where they flourish and an index of the combinations in which they are often played. Click here for ordering details.   Alternatively, you can obtain them in various computerised forms.  Discreet tape recorders are welcome if you don't read music

For the time being, we are meeting at Valmai Goodyear's House from 7.30.- 10.00
Contact - Bryan Creer or Valmai Goodyear
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Bryan Creer, Flat 12 Fife Court, 99 The Hydneye, Eastbourne, BN22 9DD
tel. 01323 505372            email: Bryan Creer
Valmai Goodyear, 20, St. John's Terrace, Lewes
tel. 01273 476757            email: Valmai Goodyear